Conditions for Indianapolis/Metro Area:
Time:1:00 AM
Category:Data Not Available
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The Air Quality Index, otherwise known as the AQI, is a national standard for reporting air quality. Air quality in Central Indiana is determined by measuring 4 pollutants. They are carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, fine particulates and ozone. The federal government standards limit the amount of these pollutants allowed in outdoor air.

The AQI translates each pollutant measurement to a common index, where an index score of 100 equals the federally established limit. An AQI score from 1 to 50 is good quality; 51 to 100 is moderate quality; and 101 to 150 is unhealthy for sensitive groups.

In Central Indiana, the AQI seldom reaches the "unhealthy" range, 151 to 200. The pollutant with the highest index score is used to determine the air quality. To provide a timely report to you, the data used to generate the AQI report is not quality assured at this time.